Stop & Plant A Tree by Rokel Commercial Bank & Keeping Hope Alive – 29th January 2020

Representatives from Government & private Institutions, Petifu Village Community, pedestrians and vehicles ploughing the Bo Masiakia High Road joined us in planting more trees on our demonstration site. Majority of planters named their trees In order to sustain the trees during this dry season, we irrigated the farm and built ample shade over the area of planting. The campaign remains open to the public who can use available name tags to identify their trees in the future.

Agroforestry Demonstration Plot – February 2020

This demonstration plot is created in support of our upcoming Tree Planting Challenge which features Agroforestry (planting cash crops & trees on the same farm) practices.  We chose farms in swamp areas for irrigation purposes to plant economic trees among existing vegetable crops. The expected outcome of this methodology is no deforestation as economic trees such as guava/mangoes etc. provide annual income and therefore unlikely to be cut down. We planted 20 tamarand around the perimeter on farm 1; intercropped papaya with existing vegetables on farm 2 and farm 3 with Cashew. Ultimately, the women will benefit from both cash and economic tree crops whilst the trees sequester carbon.

KHA celebrates Christmas with kids of Petifu Village – 25th Dec 2019

KHA had a great time with Petifu kids and food and snack gift bags with them. Thanks, and appreciation goes to our donors; Skyway Youth, Rokel Commercial Bank, Mr Buffy Bailor, Dr George Morgan, Dr Saffiatu Tunis, Mr Moseray and Skye Bank

Keeping Hope Alive Launches new Garden & Tree Crop Nursery at Waterloo - MAY 2019

Tree planting with Nelson Mandela School kids to commemorate World Environmental Day on 5th June 2019

Rokel Commercial Bank Executives launched the opening of this new Nursery at York Road, Waterloo Rural. Representing the Benguema Army Barracks was Lt Col Daniel Conteh a.k,a Mabanta and the Adjutant. 


The ceremony was attendeda trip to the village on 24/9/18, Ms Neneh Tunis handed out clothes and shoes to the women and girls. The rice was also distributed among female family heads to feed their families. 


Rbehalf of the women, the Chair Lady of Keeping Hope Alive Farmers Association offered appreciation and thanks to Ms Leopold for her generosity. She further thanked Keeping Hope Alive for bringing relief to the village and commended the Founder for her honest and transparent approach.

Another landmark event with the kids attending this school, KHA engaged with them to plant trees around their school gardens. They had fun naming the trees such as Hope Tree, Success Tree etc. In the presence of local community Heads, members, school personnel KHA educated the school kids and community on the importance of safeguarding the environment and encouraged them to be vigilant in nurturing the trees which will serve as their legacy.

Keeping Hope Alive New Garden & Tree Crop Nursery at York Road, Waterloo – Feb 2019

This Nursery (area - 0.667 acre) was developed in aid of our outreach programs; community development, mitigate climate change. Furthermore, KHA will generate income from sales of seedlings which will ensure sustainability of our projects and minimal donor reliance. Through the technical assistance from the Forestry Division - Ministry of Agriculture & Forestry (MAFF) the nursery proudly hosts economic, indigenous and exotic hardwood species as well as vegetables. True to our Mission, majority of our workers are women & girls who previously had no job opportunities or prospects.

Ms Comfort Leopold donates rice & clothing items to Makondu women & girls