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Stop & Plant A Tree by Rokel Commercial Bank & Keeping Hope Alive – 29th January 2020

Representatives from Government & private Institutions, Petifu Village Community, pedestrians and vehicles ploughing the Bo Masiakia High Road joined us in planting more trees on our demonstration site. Majority of planters named their trees In order to sustain the trees during this dry season, we irrigated the farm and built ample shade over the area of planting. The campaign remains open to the public who can use available name tags to identify their trees in the future.

Agroforestry Demonstration Plot – February 2020

This demonstration plot is created in support of our upcoming Tree Planting Challenge which features Agroforestry (planting cash crops & trees on the same farm) practices.  We chose farms in swamp areas for irrigation purposes to plant economic trees among existing vegetable crops. The expected outcome of this methodology is no deforestation as economic trees such as guava/mangoes etc. provide annual income and therefore unlikely to be cut down. We planted 20 tamarand around the perimeter on farm 1; intercropped papaya with existing vegetables on farm 2 and farm 3 with Cashew. Ultimately, the women will benefit from both cash and economic tree crops whilst the trees sequester carbon.

KHA celebrates Christmas with kids of Petifu Village – 25th Dec 2019